Deposit Crypto

1. Deposit Crypto - Homepage

Deposit Crypto can be done from multiple pages

2. Deposit Crypto - My Balances

Deposit Crypto - My Balances

3. Deposit Crypto - click icon (+)

Deposit Crypto - click +

4. Select a coin

Select a coin

5. Select a Network

Select a Network

6. Copy the deposit address

copy the deposit address and use it to send crypto from other wallet

7. Click on Accounts

Select this field

8. Click "My Balances"

Access your account balances.

9. Click "TetherUS"

Select TetherUS from your balances.

10. Click here

Navigate to this section

11. Click "Swap"

Initiate a swap transaction.

The guide covered the process of depositing crypto in Unicapital, including selecting the cryptocurrency, network type, accessing balances, and confirming the deposit. Follow the engaging instructions to complete the deposit transaction smoothly.

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