Below is a list of standard terms you will likely come across when using UNICAPITAL!

SSF (Software Split Fees)

Software Split Fees is the #1 automated trading method! It lets you active the AI software. The Software Split Fees method has benefits over regular Ai Automated trading. You will only pay and get deducted a Software Split Fees when you have reached new profitable highs in these positions.

SSF2 (Software Split Fees 2.0)

It's the updated version of SSF (Software Split Fees) with new Key Features:

  • Connect to external trading terminals via API. (Available only for platforms that allow a Binance API connection)

  • No minimum deposit.

  • AI Software manage your assets

  • Options to add fund or withdraw your profits.

  • Software Split Fees - Users will only pay a Software Split Fees if the sopftware generates profits.

PNL (Profit and Loss)

It’s a financial statement that shows a position's revenues over a specific time.

SF (Success Fee)

The fee when a new high water mark is reached. The fee is only from the difference between the old and new high.

HWM (High Water Mark)

When there are profits and the balance is above the high-water mark, the profits will be split. If there are open positions with losses, the negative amount will be retained until the positions are closed.

PSDS (Profit Sharing Daily Settlement)

We will keep track of services daily. During the PSDS, we look at how much money the service made or lost in the last 24 hours.


This is a text file format that you can download and view previous transaction history for tax purposes.


All asset into a service.


All asset out of a service done before accounting (funds didn't reach the service).

If you come across any other terms you do not understand, feel free to reach out to our customer support! 💡

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