How to Avoid Scams

4 easy tips to avoid getting scammed

In this article, we will outline essential measures and best practices to help you avoid scams and protect your hard-earned digital wealth.

Crypto technologies, along with any other financial products might attract scammers seeking to exploit unsuspecting users. To protect yourself and your hard-earned funds, it's essential to learn how to avoid scams.

1. Verify our URL:

Scammers often create fake UNICAPITAL websites in order to deceive users. Double-check the URL for any slight misspellings or inconsistencies. ā€‹ Our official website is:

2. UNICAPITAL Team will never ask for your password or money:

It's crucial to note that we will never ask you for your password. As well, be wary of any requests or messages claiming to be from our company that demand additional deposits in order to release your funds.

Scammers may impersonate our company's representatives or customer support team, attempting to deceive you into sending funds. Remember that we will never ask for your private keys, wallet credentials, or request funds via unsolicited messages or emails.

3. Enable 2FA:

Implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your wallet. 2FA requires users to provide a second form of verification.

By enabling 2FA, even if someone manages to obtain your UNICAPITAL password, they would still need the second factor to gain access to your account. This greatly enhances the security of your wallet and makes it significantly more difficult for attackers to breach your account.

4. Be aware of Phishing Attacks:

Scammers often employ phishing techniques to trick users into providing their wallet login details. Be cautious of emails or messages claiming to be from UNICAPITAL, especially if they ask for sensitive information or prompt you to click on suspicious links.

Always visit our website directly by typing the URL in the address bar instead of clicking on links in emails or messages. Bookmark our official website to avoid accidentally visiting a fake version.

šŸ’” Conclusion šŸ’”

While cryptocurrencies offer tremendous potential, it is essential to take precautions in order to avoid scams. By verifying our official UNICAPITAL URL, enabling security features like 2FA, and staying vigilant against phishing attacks, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to scams.

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